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18 June 2007 @ 10:00 pm
no, we are totally sane.
yenners and i.
preserved for prosterity.

brandnewjullyane (5:47:38 PM): anyway... off to the ending of that dream! hopefully hahaha
brandnewjullyane (5:48:17 PM): I'm hoping jesse pops in and says 'pssh you don't deserve her, she should be with me' and then we would sail away and have babies!
brandnewjullyane (5:48:22 PM): hahaha
cumalotsir (8:48:41 PM): lmao
cumalotsir (8:48:46 PM): play crack the sky honey
brandnewjullyane (5:49:04 PM): HAHAHAHA
brandnewjullyane (5:49:09 PM): we aren't gonna die!
cumalotsir (8:49:24 PM): luca?
brandnewjullyane (5:49:45 PM): I'm not gonna cheat on him!
cumalotsir (8:49:57 PM): mhm
brandnewjullyane (5:50:17 PM): not the sun. I'm gonna be his babe. mhm.
cumalotsir (8:50:56 PM): yeah, but i'll be his degausser.
brandnewjullyane (5:51:44 PM): space cadet, please. pull out. or I'll ship you to Bangkok.
brandnewjullyane (5:51:51 PM): hahaha
cumalotsir (8:52:33 PM): ROFL.
cumalotsir (8:52:50 PM): but i'm his magazine
brandnewjullyane (5:53:02 PM): whatever, I'm his Laetitia
brandnewjullyane (5:53:16 PM): who needs magazines when he's got me? hahaha
cumalotsir (8:54:57 PM): nah, you watched too much jude law, and spent a semester abroad.
brandnewjullyane (5:57:15 PM): why yes I did spend a semester abroad! and I told all the english boys I met about the american boy back in the states, the american boy I still date who would do anything I say. all you did during your semester abroad was kiss boys who had something terribly contagious on their lips.
brandnewjullyane (5:57:29 PM): hahahaha
cumalotsir (8:57:55 PM): i'm sorry, i've never pulled a 70xseven
brandnewjullyane (5:59:49 PM): hahaha good to know.... that if ever I needed attention, all I need to do is die
brandnewjullyane (6:00:17 PM): I guess we're both just failures by design *sighs*
cumalotsir (9:00:58 PM): i wouldn't wish a sudden death in carolina, but do beware of a shower scene in the future.
brandnewjullyane (6:02:15 PM): hahaha true! but that shower scene would involve just me and jesse in it. I chose the chapstick, cuz he said I was far too cute. pshh whatever, you're just jealous cuz we're young and in love
cumalotsir (9:04:44 PM): you're stomach's filled, but your heart's starved for conversation. and you'll spend all your nights getting old in your bed, tearing up your photos cause you'll want to forget.
brandnewjullyane (6:05:40 PM): impossible. cuz he told me to meet him at the turnpike tonight, called me his darling, cuz we believe in everything.
cumalotsir (9:06:28 PM): but that's cause he was on a mend. this doesn't mean anything.
brandnewjullyane (6:08:13 PM): at least now he can say that he was trying. he told me to take him back to my bed, and that he loves me so much that it hurts his head
cumalotsir (9:08:47 PM): but i'm his favorite bird, and he really wishes that i'd wear his ring.
brandnewjullyane (6:09:44 PM): but he told me that when he's with you, he likes awake and lies for fun and fakes the way he holds you as you fall for every word he says!
cumalotsir (9:13:42 PM): but he's with me, to monitor my breathing, he watches while i'm sleeping, he keeps me safe and sound. he's asked me before, that when i was young, if i ever thought i'd be this blessed.
brandnewjullyane (6:14:11 PM): IF YOU LET ME HAVE MY WAY, I SWEAR I'LL TEAR YOU APART!
brandnewjullyane (6:14:19 PM): hahaha
cumalotsir (9:14:23 PM): CAUSE IT
cumalotsir (9:14:33 PM): 'S ALL YOU CAN BE, YOU'RE A DRUNK, AND YOU'RE SCARED.
brandnewjullyane (6:14:40 PM): HAHAHAHAHA
brandnewjullyane (6:17:04 PM): but he told me that when he's with you, you treat him as the clock that you forget to wind. thus, he feels like an old toy with its batteries running dry. so he cashed in all his chips tonight, combed his hair right and he was thinking about him and me cuz we've got something going on. so he called me and I answered "moshi moshi?"
cumalotsir (9:21:01 PM): but then you dropped him like a brick from the rooftop of your highschool, so he asked if he could watch the next time i applied eyeliner.
brandnewjullyane (6:23:59 PM): whatever! forget everything you think you know about me, this isn't high school! we know how this'll end.. he'll kill me quick.
cumalotsir (9:25:09 PM): i'll call 911, cause i'v been losing all my friends, and i want them back. it may not work, but at least now i can say that i am trying.
brandnewjullyane (6:26:57 PM): well because you're pulling a 70x7, I wanna kill you like only a best friend could. okay, I believe whatever you say... but my tommy gun don't. hahaha
cumalotsir (9:27:41 PM): if looks could really kill, then my profession would be staring. instead, we're so c-c-c-c-c-controversial.
cumalotsir (9:28:40 PM): and i'm the one that makes his tongue the only muscle in his body that works harder than his heart.
brandnewjullyane (6:28:41 PM): whatever. I'm entirely smooth. I admit to the truth, I am the best at what I do. and just so you know, Jesse's tongue really is the only muscle in his body that works harder than his heart
brandnewjullyane (6:28:48 PM): AHAHHAHAHA
brandnewjullyane (6:28:54 PM): I said it first!
cumalotsir (9:29:37 PM): nope, right there, proof. my line before yours.
brandnewjullyane (6:30:07 PM): no it was my line before yours!
brandnewjullyane (6:30:14 PM): on mine, that is.
brandnewjullyane (6:30:38 PM): whatever the case, he's still sucking on my breathmints
cumalotsir (9:31:59 PM): but jesse puts me in handcuffs, a fantastic way to kill some time.
brandnewjullyane (6:32:19 PM): HAHAHAHHAAHA
brandnewjullyane (6:32:59 PM): but he burns like a bridge for MY body!
cumalotsir (9:34:13 PM): but you make him sink and i help him swim, no shipwrecks for us.
brandnewjullyane (6:36:23 PM): I am the smell before rain, I'm the blood in his veins.
cumalotsir (9:36:48 PM): call me a safe bet, i'm betting you're not
brandnewjullyane (6:39:35 PM): you're probably only looking for s... so much more than he can give. me, on the other hand, all he wanted was to hold me and whispered that he loved me
cumalotsir (9:43:04 PM): the other night, "this is the first and last time," he said. about you, because they'll keep you alive cause you're pretty and they need something to look at while they tear you up, rip you apart, burn it down.
brandnewjullyane (6:45:30 PM): well I'm happy to admit that maybe I'm a little depressed, cuz I am missing him to death. (its exactly a month since he was here)
brandnewjullyane (6:46:03 PM): he still wants to believe in us.
cumalotsir (9:47:18 PM): but your veil is ruined in the rain. he now knows he can do without you, cause there's nothing new to talk about with you. and he said though your kids may be blessed, you'll make them shoulder all the blame as to why he left.
brandnewjullyane (6:49:01 PM): he told me to believe in him, even when I think he'll let him down but he won't. you can fire everything you got, but he and I will still float on. and on.
cumalotsir (9:53:07 PM): but he wanted me to send out an s.o.s. call, since you never worked well with out group, now with the flaws we found.
brandnewjullyane (6:54:27 PM): well you've been pulling 70x7 with adam and john, so he asked you where you've been. but I am forever faithful to him, cuz he makes me panic
brandnewjullyane (6:56:01 PM): we shall continie this some other time. cuz CLEARLY, I WAS WINNING.
brandnewjullyane (6:56:07 PM): Hahahaha
cumalotsir (9:56:11 PM): but he makes all the girls panic, and he's never wished you fun overseas.
brandnewjullyane (6:56:52 PM): hahahaha
cumalotsir (9:56:55 PM): OH WHAT NOW
brandnewjullyane (6:57:36 PM): I was gonna say that when he and I were made, we were set apart. but he would kill for the atlantic, cuz he misses me. bahahaha